Fading Vintage Ads Bring Nostalgia to Neighborhoods

Fading vintage ads bring nostalgia to neighborhoods and possibly value to properties.  Nostalgic and a bit eerie, ghost signs—fading advertisements from previous decades that still remain—hark back to a time when hand-painted advertisements on building facades were the primary way businesses marketed to motorists, commuters and passersby. The intricate typography and hand-drawn designs attracted customersContinue reading “Fading Vintage Ads Bring Nostalgia to Neighborhoods”

The Food Industry’s New Path to Brick and Mortar

Opening a restaurant before technology was integrated into our lives was no easy task. In pre-Internet days, restauranteurs and chefs had to follow a hunch that a certain location could use a specific type of restaurant (Ben and Jerry, of the eponymous ice cream brand, bought a clicker and tracked pedestrian traffic on various cornersContinue reading “The Food Industry’s New Path to Brick and Mortar”